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Dorrance Publishing


Dorrance is credited with being the oldest publishing services company in America. This company was founded in 1920 by publisher Gordon Dorrance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Dorrance Publishing is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company was started with the main intention to publish the works of new authors

About the company

Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. is a publishing services company. It undertakes the entire process of publishing, meaning, to perform all of the steps necessary to produce a finished book and release it to the market. The author pays a fee to publishing Services Company covering the cost of mechanical editing, page design, cover design, printing, binding, limited promotion, order fulfillment and other administrative services.

Dorrance PublishingOver the long period of nearly 100 years, authors have trusted Dorrance to publish their books.  The company’s time-tested formula empowers everyone “with a book in them” to become a published author. They benefit from full-service production and distribution, and the choice of limited or full-service promotion services. These are delivered by a professional and knowledgeable staff.  The Dorrance Publishing team works closely with the prospective authors to develop a customized publishing solution that’s right for their efforts. The team works to customize a publishing package – including production, promotion and distribution that’s right for the book.

With Dorrance’s proven way to publish, the potential authors can experience the thrill of becoming a published author with very little knowledge or experience.

Dorrance Publishing Company’s philosophy

‘The freedom to publish should be available to everyone with something to communicate. A book created for a few people is as worthy of publication as a book written for millions.’

Authors introduced through Dorrance Publishing Company

•    A.R. Ammons who won the 1972 National Book Award.

•    Doris A. Paul, ‘The Navajo Code Talkers’ – a historical account of the contribution of the Navajo Americans during World War II. First appearing in 1973, now with more than 50,000 copies in print. The Navajo Code Talkers was one of the first published efforts to tackle the subject of how Navajo Marines developed a code based on their own language. The Navajo Code Talkers also served as a vital resource in the production of Windtalkers, an MGM Studios movie starring Nicholas Cage.

Principle & working features adopted by Dorrance Publishing house

•    Enabling clients to have the life-changing experience of becoming a published author

•    Continuing to innovate the self-publishing process

•    Inspiring and advising “everyday” people in developing their literary pursuits

•   Empowering the everyday person with the sense of pride and accomplishment in seeing written words published for others to enjoy

Publishing charges

The company customizes publishing packages to each book. Binding type, page size and whether illustrations are required are several factors that affect the price.  Fees range from $5,900 to more than $20,000.  Once they have received the manuscript, they will provide the author with a publishing proposal that outlines the fees. They will also outline the general production specifications of the  book and how long it will take to complete. Often, they offer new authors attractive and flexible, interest-free payment plans. It may be possible for the prospective author to get started with as little as the first payment of 24 installments.

The stages & other details on royalty & earnings

•    Submitting manuscript (or the manuscript can be prepared with the publishing team’s help as well)

•    Preparation of publishing proposal including cost

•    Acceptance of proposal by the author – return of the signed contract

•    Upon publication, two copies of the book will be filed in the author’s name with the Register of Copyrights of the Library of Congress to obtain a Certificate of Registration of Copyright. The copyright will be registered in author’s name, not Dorrance’s.

•    Manuscripts and unpublished works are protected by common law and statutory law from the point of creation. There is no need to obtain a formal copyright registration before submission to Dorrance.

•    Dorrance will not use any material submitted to us without your written permission.

•    Dorrance authors receive a percentage of the retail price of each book sold. Typically, self-published books do not earn enough from sales to recoup the expense of publishing.  Some authors have received national attention; however, most self-published books do not sell as well as their authors hope.

•    Dorrance undertakes a clearly defined, limited promotional program designed specifically for your book, as outlined in author’s publishing contract proposal.


Dorrance Publishing Company is reputed for introducing new authors. With its rich experience, it is also a reliable publishing house with long-established and proven traditional values.